I hereby accept and acknowledge that:

  1. The initial consultation is R2,200.00 (TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED RAND) for one hour.
  1. Any further consultation, legal advice given, work undertaken, or commencement of legal proceedings will only occur after receipt of the required FICA documents and the necessary deposit.
  1. Legal work will only be done on a STRICT PRE-PAY POLICY, and in units of R12,000.00 (TWELVE THOUSAND RAND).
  1. My attorney can request from me a larger deposit to be paid upfront into my attorney’s trust account in order for legal work to commence or continue, which amount will be at my attorney’s discretion.
  1. Upon exhaustion of my credit, work will be placed on hold until my account has been paid and/or brought into credit.
  1. At closure of the matter, any credit available will be reimbursed to me within 7 (SEVEN) days.
  1. Notwithstanding any statutory tariff which may be applicable, all charges are as follows:
    1. All further consultations; court attendances; telephone calls; correspondences drafted; perusal of all documents and correspondences; travel time; filing and serving of all documents; waiting time and time spent in Court are charged out at R2,200.00 (TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED RAND) per hour or quarter-hour increments thereof.
    2. Documents drafted, such as agreements, affidavits, pleadings, notices, court documents, are charged out at R500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED RAND) per page, alternatively on a time basis as above, whichever is higher.
    3. Legal Advice over WhatsApp communications will not be permitted.
    4. Copies are charged out at a rate of R3.00 (THREE RAND) per page.
    5. Travel costs, accommodation, and air tickets when incurred, constitute disbursements and are to be paid in advance.
    6. Travel by motor vehicle is charged out at R4.65 (FOUR RAND AND SIXTY-FIVE CENTS) per kilometre.
    7. Search Works Search, including, but not limited to; Windeed, CIPRO, COMPU, ITC, XDS, CREDIT will be charged at R150.00 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY RAND) per search.
  1. Should work on a matter be for more than 6 (SIX) hours in a day, then a day fee will be charged of R15,000.00 for the day.
  1. Should any account not be paid upon presentation, Jenna Jones Attorneys reserves the right to suspend any further work until such account is paid in full and further reserves the right to claim such outstanding amount together with costs on the attorney and own client scale.
  1. Jenna Jones Attorneys reserves the right to terminate services for whatever reason at any time.
  1. Statements of account outstanding for more than 30 (THIRTY) days will attract interest at a rate of 15.5% p/a calculated from the date of rendering the account to the date of final payment.
  1. Should accounts not be paid within 30 days, legal action will be taken.
  1. VAT is added to all fees mentioned above and vatable disbursements.
  1. The charges set out above are reviewed annually, and Jenna Jones Attorneys reserves the right to adjust these costs as appropriate.
  1. Where work is undertaken or necessitated after hours or over weekends or on public holidays, at my request, fees will be doubled.
  1. The contract of service is between myself and the attorney, and I understand that I am always liable for the costs of the service. Even if I am successful in the matter and am awarded costs on any scale, I will still be indebted to my attorney, and payment is due on presentation of all accounts.
  1. Should I be successful in any court proceedings and have a cost order granted in my favor in terms of which the other party is required to pay the cost, then I can elect to do a bill of costs. This bill of costs is prepared (at an extra cost) by a cost consultant, detailing each item in respect of which services were rendered according to tariff. The bill of costs is sent to the opposition, and they are afforded 10 days in which to oppose the taxation and a further 20 days within which to object to any of the items charged. If the other side and I are unable to agree on the bill of costs, then the bill of costs is sent to court and is placed before a Taxing Master on a date arranged by the court. The legal representative then attends court on the arranged date and argues the costs before the Taxing Master. The Taxing Master thereafter decides and signs the bill, which will be the final decision on the amount of costs to be paid. Work done regarding any bill will be charged as per the mandate set out above. If the bill of costs is not paid despite being taxed or if any amount is taxed off the bill, I will remain liable for the full amount charged.
  1. My attorney may be required to engage a specialist, including, but not limited to, counsel, assessors, accountants, and cost consultants. I hereby authorize my attorney to engage such specialists should my attorney feel it necessary for the purposes of effecting their mandate.
  1. Should I cancel an appointment less than two weeks before the appointment, I will be liable for the collapsed fee for both my attorney and/or advocate.
  1. Should a court appearance be adjourned or postponed for whatever reason, I will also be liable for the day collapsed fee for both my attorney and/or advocate.
  1. I am advised that in terms of the rules of court, should I litigate in court, I have to provide an address within 15 (FIFTEEN) kilometers of the office of the court, and my attorney will utilize the offices of an attorney for this purpose. I understand that I am liable for any fees incurred using such address and service.
  1. If my attorney deems it necessary that the complexity and/or substantial nature of my case warrant it, I acknowledge that it may be necessary for more than one attorney to be involved in handling my case at any one time.
  1. I accept receipt of invoices via my nominated email address above.
  1. This document constitutes my consent, as required under the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”), for the storing and processing of my personal information. Jenna Jones Attorneys will have access to my personal details, which have been furnished to them for the purposes of attending to any matters in which I instruct Jenna Jones Attorneys. I consent to my personal data and information being used for this purpose. I also authorize Jenna Jones Attorneys to release my personal information to any party reasonably connected with this matter, which may include the sheriff of the court, the court, counsel, and the like. Jenna Jones Attorneys will store my details, as provided for and specified by the Legal Practice Council from time to time.